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Mango vegan tart❤

(For 8’’ pie tin)



5x medjool dates
70g mixed nuts
70g rolled oats
2x tbsp coconut flour
2x tbsp coconut oil


1x small ripe mango (or tin of mango puree)
1x tin of full fat coconut milk
1.5x tsp agar (gelatine if you’re not doing vegan)


1. Blend mixed nuts, dates, coconut flour and oats.

2. Melt coconut and mix in.

3. Press mix into pie tin

4. Heat coconut milk to a simmer (save at least 50ml of the liquid)

5. Blend the mango flesh with the 50ml coconut milk until smooth

6. Pour this into the heating coconut milk and mix until blended. Do not let it boil.

7. Take it off the heat, add in the agar, mix thoroughly to ensure it’s dissolved.

8. Pour into the pie crust and chill overnight

9. I’ve decorated mine with starfruit, mango, whipped coconut cream, mint leaves and freeze dried strawberries

1 thought on “Mango vegan tart❤

  1. 5x medjool dates
    2x tbsp coconut flour
    2x tbsp coconut flour
    2x tbsp coconut

    What does “x” in the ingredients stand for please?
    Thank you for the wonderful recipes 🙏

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