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Vegan strawberry cheesecake GF&SF 😋

🍓Vegan&GF Strawberry cheesecake!🍓

What’s inside👇
💚Oatmeal almond base
💚Strawberry yogurt cheesecake
💚Strawberry lemon jelly layer


135gr (1 1/2 cups/ 4.8 oz) Oats
60gr (1/2 cup/ 2.1 oz) Almonds
75gr (1/3 cup/ 2.6 oz)Vegan butter
2 Dates
Pinch of Salt

Strawberry cheesecake:🍓

295gr (1 1/3 cups/ 10.4 oz) Cream cheese
8gr (4 tsp/ 0.28 oz) Agar agar
250gr (1 cup + 3 tbsp/ 8.8 oz) Coconut cream
120gr (3/5 cups/ 4.2 oz) Powdered Sweetener
210gr (5/6 cup + 2 tbsp/ 7.4 oz) Strawberry purée

Lemon jelly:🍋

1 Lemon
475gr (2 cups/ 16.8 oz) Water
4.5gr (2 1/4 tsp/ 0.16 oz) Agar agar
100gr (1/2 cup/ 3.5 oz) Sweetener


💚Soak your dates in boiling water for 5-10min to soften them and to grind them easier.

💚When the cheesecake layer is poured don’t put your cake in the fridge, it will set even at room temperature. But don’t let it set completely before pouring jelly layer because, otherwise, your layers won’t merge.

💚When making a jelly layer pour a little bit onto a cheesecake layer, then lay out your strawberries and wait till it sets a bit (you can put it in the fridge for 5-10min), like this your strawberries won’t float. Then when it sets pour the rest of the jelly and put the cake in the fridge.

💚If your lemon jelly sets in a cup/container before you’re able to pour it onto a cake don’t worry, just put it back into a pot and heat it up till liquid.

💚Instead of lemon juice you can use the same amount of lichi or pineapple juice.

💚It’s ok if your jelly layer will release some liquid. 👉watch the video below 👇

Vegan&GF strawberry cheesecake❤

2 thoughts on “Vegan strawberry cheesecake GF&SF 😋

  1. I am SO EXCITED! 💃
    Just found the path to all your recipes, I’m in LOVE!
    (Tech is somewhat challenging for my generation . . . But watch me go now! )
    I never dreamed there were chefs like you, that make desserts the way I’ve always DREAMED OF! (That we can actually eat.) Healthy Delicious, BLESS YOU!

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